Family Study: Zechariah 10



The exhortation in verse 1 is transitional, indicating that the source of natural blessings (rain and plants of the field) is the Lord, not idolatrous and deceptive false shepherds (vv. 2-3). As a result of the deception by the false (and apparently foreign) prophets and diviners, God’s people wander like sheep. Therefore God announced that He would bring wrath and judgment on the false shepherds and victory to His flock (cf. Micah 5:4). The remedy for the nation’s deception focuses on the coming of the Messiah who is described in a fourfold way as the Cornerstone (cf. Isa. 28:16), the Tent Peg ... the Battle Bow (cf. Ps. 45:5), and the Ruler (cf. Gen. 49:10; Micah 5:2). These terms emphasize the strong, stable, victorious, and trustworthy nature of Messiah’s rule. The Lord will not do all the fighting but will empower His people to conquer like mighty men. His presence (He will be with them) will enable them to be victorious.

(4) Messiah Will Regather All Israel (10:6-12).

The worldwide scope of this prophecy relating to both Israel and Judah and God’s activity on behalf of His Chosen People indicate that the final regathering of Israel just before the Second Advent of the Messiah is in view.


God announced that He will strengthen (cf. v. 12) and deliver all Israel (Joseph was the father of two major Northern tribes, Ephraim and Manasseh). Because of His compassion they will be restored and reunited (cf. Hosea 1:11), with their sins forgiven and forgotten — as though I had not rejected them, enjoying communion with God (I will answer them). The name of the northern tribe of Ephraim was sometimes used for the Northern Kingdom (cf. Hosea 10:6; 11:8, 12). Israelites will be glad and joyful and will rejoice in the Lord because of God’s blessings on them.


Israel will be regathered from present worldwide dispersion. God announced, I will signal for them. The term “signal” means “whistle” (as in gathering a swarm of insects; cf. Isa. 7:18) or “pipe” (as a shepherd using a reed pipe to gather his flocks; cf. Judges 5:16). The latter meaning seems more appropriate in view of the shepherd/sheep imagery in the general context (Zech. 9:16; 10:2-3; 11:4-16; 13:7). Their regathering will be accompanied by redemption and multiplication (10:8b; cf. Hosea 1:10). On the human side their return will involve the fact that they will remember God. On the divine side God said, I will bring them back. Egypt and Assyria are representative of all the countries of Israel’s dispersion (cf. Hosea 11:11; Zech. 10:11). Gilead and Lebanon are probably named to indicate the northern and eastern extents of Israel’s occupancy of the land promised to Abraham (Gen. 15:18; cf. Deut. 30:3-5).


In regathering Israel to the land, God will remove every obstacle to restoration, pictured in terms of the ancient deliverance when He brought Israel through the sea on dry land. Again Assyria and Egypt were mentioned to represent all Israel’s enemies (cf. v. 10). The prophecy closes with its opening phrase, I will strengthen them, so that Israel’s behavior (walk) will be in His name (i.e., she will glorify Him by obeying Him).

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