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Zechariah 12:1-2 Breakdown |

Zechariah 12:1 The revelation of the word of the Lord concerning Israel: The Lord—he who stretches out the heavens and lays the foundations of the earth, who forms the human spirit within a person—says,

The Hebrew word for “revelation” is מַשָּׂ֥א (masah), meaning a heavy weight. Zechariah was about to give Israel a prophecy which would be difficult for them to carry. It would contain both positive and negative truths for Israel.

Zechariah described the omnipotence of God in three different ways. First. Jehovah stretches out the heavens. Zechariah declared the scientific truth of the expanding universe centuries before modern scientists. He did so without the Hubble telescope

Second, Jehovah laid the foundations of the earth. He controls everything that happens on the physical earth. Not one sparrow goes unnoticed or unfed. It is foolish for modern scientists to teach biblically ignorant students that nothing exploded into everything and lifeless dirt became alive.

Third, Jehovah formed the spirit of man within him. Man was not created in the image of a monkey. He was created in the image of God.

2 “I am about to make Jerusalem a cup that brings dizziness to all the surrounding nations; indeed, Judah will also be included when Jerusalem is besieged.

To understand this heavy prophecy, one must understand the eight stages of the Campaign of Armageddon.

1. The Gentile armies of the Antichrist will gather in the Valley of Jezreel in Galilee.

2. Babylon will become the capital of the Antichrist, just as Jerusalem is the capital of the Lord Jesus Christ. The enemies of the Antichrist will destroy Babylon.

3. The armies of the Antichrist will take the city of Jerusalem.

4. The Antichrist will come against the Jewish Remnant living in Petra.

5. The entire nation of Israel who survives the Great Tribulation will gain their national salvation by believing in Jesus.

6. Jesus will return at Petra.

7. Jesus will fight the forces of the Antichrist, beginning at Petra, all the way back to Jerusalem, and finishing them off at the Valley of Jehoshaphat.

8. Jesus will take His victory ascent up to the Mount of Olives, the same place where He descended from His apostles in Acts 1:8.

Zechariah’s prophecy will mostly deal with the third stage of the Campaign of Armageddon. The armies of the antichrist will attack and take Jerusalem.

This prophecy shows a large bowl of alcohol in the city of Jerusalem. The Gentile nations have attacked Jerusalem, taken the city, and they have begun to drink the alcohol. They think that the alcohol will taste good and make them happy, but instead, the alcohol causes them to become dizzy. They do not have as much control as they think. They began to stagger toward their destruction.

At this time, there are some Jews who are living in Jerusalem and being sieged by the Antichrist. There are some Jews who are left in the Jerusalem siege but others are being protected in Petra.

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