Family Study: Zechariah 5


Zechariah 5 Breakdown

Zechariah 5:1-4 (Sixth Vision: Flying scroll of judgment)

Summary: The previous vision was a message of hope, but this is a message of judgment. The scroll isn’t sealed. It’s open for all to read. It’s also very large for all to see it (15 x 30 feet!).

This scroll represents the curse of God’s law over individual people (compare with Deut. 28). He mentions two of the Ten Commandments (the third and eighth commandments). The hardcore remnant of sinners will be purged from the land of Israel.

(5:1-2) The dimension of the scroll was 15 by 30 feet wide. The size might symbolize that everyone could see it and have access to it. This is why it is unrolled “for all to read.”[22] Interestingly, during this period after the Exile, there was a renewed interest in reading and studying the Bible.

(5:3) Zechariah records two of the Ten Commandments: the third and eighth. The third commandment was to not swear falsely, and the eighth was to not steal. Are other commandments also in view? Barker writes, “These two representative sins—perhaps theft and perjury were the most common ones at this time—stand for all kinds of sin. The point is that Israel was guilty of breaking the whole law.”[23]

(5:4) The “it” refers to the curse or judgment for the law-breakers. The idea of God’s curse “spending the night within the house” is particularly chilling imagery.


What were 5 points that stood out to you in this chapter? They can be observances, cross references, questions, etc…

Overview of the Visions:


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