Family Study: Zechariah 6


Today you’ll have 7 links to go through. There is study material to read through- but also pictures and charts to go with it to help us all grasp this important message of Zechariah 6. Of course- reach out to Pastors Brandon & Travis if you have any questions!

  1. The Temple Of Ezekiel:

  2. On Christ’s Name, The Branch:'s_name_the_branch.htm

  3. Is the Jezreel Valley the Stage for the Final Battle?:

  4. Armageddon – Where The World Is Headed:

  5. Land Below Sea Level:

  6. What are the seventy weeks of Daniel?:

  7. Daniel’s Seventy Weeks Prophecy:

Overview of the Visions:


Download the whole PDF to print here:

Zechariah 6 Family Study Packet
Download PDF • 212KB

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