Family Study: Zechariah 7 & 8


Zechariah 8 (Future restoration for Israel)

Summary: Chapter 8 emphasizes a remnant of people (8:6, 12) who inherit the promises of God (cf. Rom. 11). It ends with the worldwide blessing of the nation of Israel.

(8:1-2) In this context, God’s “jealousy” is one to bless—not to curse.

(8:3) God will come back and dwell in the city of Jerusalem (Zech. 1:16; 2:10).

Jerusalem could be called “The City of Truth” (NASB) or the “Faithful City” (NLT). Verse 16 implies that this refers to the city of truth—not the faithful city.

(8:4-5) These are good passages for the concept of the Millennial Kingdom. For one, there are old and young people. In the New Heavens and Earth, it seems more likely that we will not be elderly. Moreover, these old people still need a “staff,” which implies that they do not have resurrected bodies. Yet, this is a time of peace and security—something that has never happened in Jerusalem.

(8:6) To paraphrase, God is saying, “Just because something is hard for you to fathom, does that mean that it should be hard for Me to accomplish?”

(8:7-8) The “east” and “west” are a merism to show the totality of everything in between.[35] This is similar to saying, “I love you from head to toe.” This speaks to the regathering of Israel.

(8:9) God used the prophecies about the future regathering to encourage the contemporary audience.

(8:10) The enemies tried to stop the rebuilding of the Temple (e.g. Ezra 4:1-5).

(8:11-13) The people will be regathered. Just as they were cursed, they will later be blessed.

(8:14-15) God had brought judgment on the people (v.14), but now, his judgment was expended. He tells them this so that they will not “fear” being judged again.

(8:16-17) The people are to be truthful, because they are the “City of Truth” (v.3).

(8:18-19) The fasts will turn into feasts of celebration. Zechariah was able to summarize God’s commands into “love and peace.”

(8:20-22) The “cities” and “nations” will come to meet God in the city of Jerusalem.

(8:23) The Gentiles will be flocking to Jewish people (10:1 ratio) to understand God.


What were 5 points that stood out to you in this chapter? They can be observances, cross references, questions, etc…

For additional studies this week, listen to Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s Zechariah sermons/studies:

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