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Apostasy/False Teachers

A very important, and often overlooked, topic:

Biblical Womanhood

Join in on our Biblical Womanhood Bible Study!


We were asked by many, and our hearts honestly break with all of your stories and family heartbreak. Life is hard isn't it? But- we sat down with our good friends Travis and Lex to lightly touch on the topic of the Catholic church, followed up with a response to how to evangelize Catholics, and then a document responding to the criticism and looking these points over from a Biblical perspective. (You may also search "Growing Up Churchy" on your podcast app to get all of these) "Let's Touch on Catholicism" podcast: "Evangelizing Catholics" podcast: "Why We Discuss Catholicism (and more)" podcast: Is Catholicism Biblical?:

Church/Home Church

Various topics that are church (or home church) related:

End Times

Eagerly awaiting the return of Christ! See more here:

Happening in Our World...

Current events + more:

Holy Days/Holidays

It's an area we're very passionate about- the Biblical Holy Days and how we view these modern "holidays" - See more here:

Jehovah Witnesses

Examine the doctrines of Jehovah's Wittnesses with Pastor Travis Johnson- he's dedicated much of his time with them and is putting together a multi-part series weighing ther doctrines with the truth of God's word.


See marriage related topics from our podcast here- the Biblical Womanhood study has more on this topic as well!


Seetopics related to parenting & family here:

Pink Elephant Discoveries

Things in scripture that make you go "Wait... WHAT?!?!?!" Send in any suggestions too!


Collection of our podcasts on all things politics & patriotism. Remember- we must weigh ALL by God's word!

Torah Observance/Mosaic Law

For more Biblical insight to the topic of Torah Observance and the Mosaic Law:

Bethel Church/Music

Breaking down the truth, and danger, in Bethel Church.

For a list of sermons & teachings, click the link below!